Three Principles Melbourne

Dean Rees-Evans MSc

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health issues and have made steps to find help, but so far haven’t been completely satisfied with what you have found or been offered, then help is most definitely at hand. The first thing I would like to suggest is that you are neither broken, nor damaged and that you can get back to a better place of living.
The approach that I offer is not based on techniques, memorisations or applications that require you to spend hours learning. It is a health based person centered approach that directs us back to our innate ability to be psychologically well. Everyone has this natural ability. If you are intrigued then get in touch, we’ll have a free informal chat, and if you like what you hear, we’ll take it from there. In the meantime, know that there is always hope for a better life and a quiet and peaceful mind, and that I am just one phone call away.
In summary, I am a mentor for mental well being located near Melbourne, Australia. I offer knowledge and experience to achieve results worldwide through personalised consultations via zoom, phone, in person, 3 Principles trainings, retreats and more.

Phone: Australia 0424354393 International +61424354393
Skype: Three.Principles
Facebook: Three Principles: Wellbeing for Life

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Sydney Banks (left, founder of the 3 principles) with Dean Rees Evans (middle).