Three Principles Australia – In a world full of problems, the solution lies within each individual.

Well-being is of the upmost importance to industry, as it is for individuals. Without psychologically healthy people, effective society, cohesive civilization, and harmonious work places would not be possible. The solution to all wellbeing problems lies in an understanding of the three simple principles that are the basis for all life. An understanding of these principles leads to psychological freedom within individuals and, consequently, organisations.

The Three Principles approach to wellbeing is the most effective and sustainable solution available today.  It offers a new perspective on an old problem; that of interpersonal communication problems; the number one difficulty facing all working and living communities in Australia and around the world today.

Do you want to know how to make positive changes in your company with an ease that does not require people to learn practices, techniques or applications?

When things improve within the individual this has the fundamental effect of naturally rippling out in to all areas of life including work and family.  People begin to live a life full of creativity, harmony, and peace of mind; a life with a deeper sense of self-confidence and buoyant well-being; where the work-life balance is acquired with ease; where the ups and downs of life are easier to deal with; where life begins to take on new meaning and people feel a new sense of adventure.

When people start to live a life where they are more fully aware, more engaged in the present, less focused on the past, or overly concerned about the future, they are able to live a life of wonder, full of the potential to experience deeper and deeper states of love and understanding.

What are the Three Principles?

Mind, which is the source of all intelligence,
Consciousness, which allows us to be aware of our existence, and
Thought, which guides us through the world we live in as free-thinking agents.’

Mr. Sydney Banks