Psychological Wellbeing for Vegans

One of the principle factors of becoming vegan is the liberating feeling that comes from choosing to live life from an ethical perspective. However, what can start as a feeling of freedom can swiftly turn into a psychological nightmare. Living ethically naturally brings about a deeper understanding of the immense suffering of our fellow creatures on this beautiful planet. This can lead to thoughts of anger, depression, despair and a whole range of negative, and hard to live with feelings, which are consequences of this thinking.

If you find yourself in this uncomfortable position, please don’t feel alone, as there is help at hand. I have been a vegan myself since 1990, and have witnessed countless cases of unnecessary suffering among the vegan population around the world.

Any of the services you find on this site are available to you. The first one hour session is completely free, and then we will work out where we go from there and base any future payments on what your budget can afford.

Please feel free to contact me and discuss your thoughts.

Warmest wishes Dean

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