State of Mind Training for Industry, Business and Commerce

Whether you are working as a sole trader, run a small business enterprise or lead a large corporation, one of the most important aspects of a successful business will be its ability to communicate with its workforce effectively and sustainably in an open minded way.

The Three Principles approach to business is to assist the company towards an understanding of how and why the state of mind or feeling state of individuals within the company is an equally important and key factor in success and will dramatically affect the individual employee’s ability to perform at optimum, with creativity, productivity and enthusiasm.

The simple fact is that companies large and small are made up of individuals who all create reality in the same way. We all have feelings and emotions, we all have up days and down days, but understanding where these mind sets come from not only helps us to let them pass with more ease but helps us to understand others when they are not at their best too.

‘I spoke with Dean through a Skype call earlier during the year. In terms of expertise, there are few people who are on a par with Dean when it comes to talking about the Principles in this country. His grounding and understanding are superb and the ‘advice’ that he gave me has made a huge difference to my own journey with the Principles and my own understanding. I cannot recommend him highly enough and suggest that you at least have a conversation with him and see fantastic results.’

Damian Smyth
Principle Based Business Consultant, UK

The Feeling State

The ‘feeling state’ within a company is paramount to a company’s success within their field of expertise, whatever that might be, because it is how the world views that company.

This ‘feeling state’ which is created by the individuals working within the company will be what is conveyed through interpersonal communication; both within the company and outside the company to the rest of the business world. Our training helps staff to access a natural positive ‘feeling state’ of mind, because they are accessing their own innate health, or natural intelligence.

Stress Reduction

Stress appears to be regarded as an inevitable condition of modern life, especially in the business world, but there is a dramatic shift in understanding when staff begin to see the difference between ‘pressure’ (objective tangible workloads required within a timescale) and ‘stress’ (as being created by our personal thinking about the pressure).

A further benefit of a reduction in stress leads staff towards becoming free from interpersonal conflicts. Conflict habitually arises out of misunderstanding and taking things personally, this usually happens when we are feeling stressed, unwell or under too much pressure. When people relax, they begin to access a natural level of common sense and wisdom; this in turn leads to seeing others with more consideration and understanding, which naturally leads to greater levels of harmony within the company structure.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Happiness is an absolute gem within the structure of any company – it is a well known fact that people with a good state of psychological well-being (level of happiness) are far more productive and inevitably easier to be around. Absenteeism goes down, productivity goes up, creativity increases and work flows effortlessly. Recent research shows our training to offer this increase in happiness.

Please note: this is not technique based training – it is insight based

The Outcomes and Benefits to Your Organisation:

Three Principles Training offers business coaching that taps into the potential that already exists within the company at an individual level. We offer an ‘inside-out’ approach that results in individuals understanding how to access and maintain their own psychological health and well-being; their own good ‘feeling state.’

An Inside-out approach recognises that people don’t need to be ‘fixed’ or given a model of thinking to practice and adhere to. Our training leads individuals to insights and realisations that are rarely reached through externally applied strategies and techniques. People begin to realise their full potential when they start to recognise that the internal constraints they experience are simple creations of their own thinking.

Inevitable outcomes from the training:

  • Clarity of thought and ease of communication
  • Self-generating, self-regulating high levels of productivity & creativity
  • Reduced stress, conflict and absence & increased harmony
  • Trust and cooperation at all levels of the company structure

Principle Based Training for business is tailored to the needs of the individual company. We are happy to provide free short presentations to introduce our approach.

Our introductory professional trainings are two days long (at an off-site location only, of your choice); this provides training for up to 20 delegates. This two day training is followed up with a one day de-briefing session within a month of the initial two days.

Longer trainings can be arranged by request, or further sessions can be added at a later date. Senior Management are encouraged to attend the first two days of any training, as this will be paramount for the long term success of the project: enthusiasm is contagious.

For additional information about our Your Business in Mind programmes, please visit the Contact Us page.