Three Principles Mentoring

Dean Rees-Evans offers mentoring of an exceptionally unique kind – this is where psychological freedom really begins.

What makes Three Principles Mentoring unique?

This is mentoring at its finest – no experience in our lives will be more profound than the shifts that are created from within. As these changes are coming from a deep internal transformation, the change is experienced and felt at a soul level. This is getting to know ourselves in a way we never thought possible, and all other relationships within our lives will move with this transformation.

Three Principles Mentoring is an insight-based approach founded on the teachings and work of Mr. Sydney Banks ( It focuses on cultivating an inner understanding of how personal reality is created by all humans in exactly the same way. Although we are fundamentally unique and totally diverse in the way in which we see the world, each one of us creates reality from the same foundation. The process in Three Principles Mentoring is from an inside-out perspective. Every session is an opportunity to go deeper in refining personal transformation, unlocking our true potential in a way that nothing else can.

Most other approaches offer techniques that are intended to motivate and help us engage with our anticipated goals in life – whether they are personal, vocational, or relationship based. These approaches are often surface-based, goal-oriented, and personality centered self-development; looking at our lives in a way that is familiar to us, and attempting to make changes. Three Principles Mentoring, is a deep vertical exploration of where we can go once we understand that we are in the driving seat of life, we are the one creating the reality we experience.

What Three Principles Mentoring offers is the potential for total psychological transformation and freedom. Once this understanding of the internal workings of the human mind is gained, the path of life become clearer, simpler and more defined. Making decisions based on wisdom and common sense becomes a more natural part of how we live. Life will still throw up its challenges, but with a much clearer grounding in how life works, how we work, and even more usefully, how others around us work, we create a deeper sense of clarity and calm that dominates our experience of everyday living. Transformation is an inevitable result of this process.

If you want to get to that state of harmony and peace within, and remain dynamic, energised and enterprising, Three Principles Mentoring is the service for you. Let the adventures of a lifetime begin. Make the decision to change your life for the better now, don’t wait, you want your life to begin right now.

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Sometimes individuals feel they have lost their acquired understanding and slipped back in to old patterns of thought and behaviour; and this can happen, but it is usually only a temporary state of mind, which soon passes. It becomes impossible to see the world in the same way once we see it from the perspective of this inside-out understating. Other programmes offer longer term investments but in our experience this is often unnecessary. When a measurable shift in consciousness takes place through Three Principles Mentoring it is more often than not a permanent change.

Sydney Banks often said: “We are only ever one thought away from happiness, or one thought away from sadness.” Thus, understanding the true nature of thought itself, as deeply as we can, leads ultimately to living a better life.

I will be eternally grateful for all that I shared with Dean, he is a true consultant; respectful, genuine and just simply the best there is! If anyone else has the opportunity to have this time with Dean then go for it, you will never look back!

Catherine Kennard: Professional Singer and Teacher

Dean is a caring and warm soul. He is positive and hugely generous and listens with empathy. He gives of himself and when we were working together, he always tried to point me back towards my health, even if I wasn’t always hearing it that clearly at the time. I am grateful for his time and gentleness and unstoppable enthusiasm and energy for life.

Karen Raimbault

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