Discrete Addiction Recovery Services

Many people find themselves with an addiction and are perplexed as to how they got there. It comes as a shock to most people and this is why it can be a hard thing to face up to. But it doesn’t have to be this way! The good news is that with this approach it can be a smooth path to understanding the cause of addictive behaviour and getting back on track to enjoying our lives again. The Three Principles approach to addiction focuses on the health we all have inside us, rather than the addiction. This helps us to relax into recovery rather than working unnecessarily hard to overcome the problem. It is an approach without comparison as it is based on the natural laws that govern our psychological makeup rather than an application that needs to be applied to us to work. Once accessed, our innate health and well-being will guide us through life to make choices and decisions that serve us in living a creative, productive and positive life.

The sessions gently focus on the cause of addiction rather than the personal details of our life or why we might be displaying addictive behaviour. They offer a solution via understanding and insight rather than steps to follow, or techniques to apply. At no point is anyone expected to reveal any personal details about themselves, their family or circumstances, nor are they expected to make statements about themselves that might in any way make them feel less worthy than anyone else. All are encouraged to operate from their own common sense and wisdom and thus to seek all the help they feel they need from whom they feel comfortable with. Keeping in mind that we are all the worlds best expert on ourselves, and there really is no one outside of us that can ultimately guide us back to full health.

‘I’ve done a lot of drugs in my time, but nothing felt as good as my experience of the Three Principles.’