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The Happiness Roadshow

The happiness Road show is suitable for all year groups in secondary education and is an exciting exploration of well-being that helps pupils and students access their natural innate psychological health. It gently guides young people back to a common sense approach to enjoying school and life, and opens them up to the new possibilities in education.

The Road Show addresses such issues as bullying, self confidence, exam preparation, alcohol and drugs, unlocking the genius within, getting past arguments and problems, fighting, verbal abuse, and being ok in life and at school.

‘Today, I feel so much more ready to take on the world. This is the stuff they should be teaching in schools! I also know that I still have a lot to learn but I have confidence in myself and now know I’m equipped with the right skills to overcome any obstacle. I strongly recommend anyone to read any of the books about The Three Principles. Sometimes it can just be one line or even one word and nothing will ever be the same for you again. Other times, you’ll read it but nothing will quite reach you. I wish all the best to people on their journeys- don’t ever give up and keep an open heart.’

Jessica Eikenberg, 16 years old as of the 10-8-11
Melbourne, Australia

Youth Leadership Programme

Youth Leadership is run as a half term project and is suitable for most secondary year groups. It is best suited to fit in to the citizenship/PSHE framework and is very useful for the Buddy schemes, prefects/head boy, head girl programmes. It is designed to show young people how to uncover their own natural ability to be effective and productive learners; to guide and inspire others with confidence, kindness and maturity. The programme is also suitable for all abilities and may advance learning. As the young people attending become more relaxed and confident, this ripples out to those around them.

Well-Being for Staff – Inset Training

With the long overdue current emphasis on personal psychological well-being for people working kin schools, the programme goes to the heart of the matter. Conducted as a two day inset, the programme explores the Three Principles in a way that is relevant to all the team members and leaders in a school community.

It is not designed to teach any ‘how to’ techniques or any applications that require learning or memorising. It is designed to guide staff back to a place of common sense and wisdom. A place where each individual can more effectively carry out the day to day duties of the school with less emphasis on the difficulties and stresses and more on seeing past the thinking that creates those personal difficulties. In other words it is a programme that is designed to help teachers get back to what they are good at i.e. teaching, and to find more job satisfaction and pleasure in the process; unlocking even more creativity and productivity without adding any more pressure.

Long Term Sickness & Stress

There is evidence that the contemporary academic environment is becoming a place for stress, depression, anxiety and general unhappiness. Teachers are being inspected; internally by their peers externally by the government and it is becoming increasingly common for even experienced teachers to be on long term sick leave through stress.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to what may appear to be an insurmountable problem. If you feel under constant pressure, this will ultimately lead to stress, but it doesn’t have to be that way. However we feel in the moment always changes; our feeling state is always in constant flux based on our thinking at that time. The deeper we can understand the relationship between our feelings and our thoughts, the easier it becomes to move through these temporary unhappy states of mind. Understanding where our reality is coming from makes all the difference.

If you are suffering from overload or you have been off work for a while, then you may benefit from attending a personal one-to-one session or attending one of our weekend courses.

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