Couples and Marriage Guidance

The original spark that ignites a relationship into being is still living just below the surface of our experience, if we know how to access it! The good news is that there is no such thing as a ‘honeymoon period’. The amazing feelings we all experience at the beginning of our love are a natural recognition of the beauty and truth that lies inside the other being. The feeling is our connection to that person.

Time passes and we sometimes begin to ‘think’ that the relationship is going bad because it is passing out of this ‘honeymoon period’. Yet all that has really happened is that we start to cover over our natural bond with personal thinking about what we do and don’t like about their habits. This has nothing at all to do with the easeful good feeling we lived with in the beginning; it is just that good feeling covered over with layers of thought, that really don’t look like thought any more.

If you would like to get back to deeper experience of love between you, the great news is it doesn’t have to take years of hard work and heartache. Through a gentle process of understanding the dynamics of a more loving relationship, you can swiftly be on your way to falling back in love with your partner each and every day. This process is not invasive and does not require either party to reveal any details of a intimate nature. To find out how, please contact us today.

Dear Dean, thank you for introducing me to the Three Principles. Learning them has made an enormous difference to my own personal well-being, as well as making me a more effective Health Coach. I used to suffer from a lot of anxiety and be very defensive. This used to cause me a lot of misery. Thanks to your teachings, I now I understand better where all of that comes from and I’m able to simply let it go. Your warmth, wonderful anecdotes and stories, Merryn’s incredible catering and the entire atmosphere leaves me floating on a cloud after each retreat. Most recently I came with my partner, Adam. Following the retreat we both felt much profounder appreciation for each other as our ability to communicate and understand one another expanded dramatically. I will definitely be returning as deepening my knowledge of the Three Principles just makes me a more balanced and happier person. 
With love, Ania.

Ania Nowicki CHHC

Dean’s gentleness, sensitivity and pure ability to rest in wisdom have been one of the most inspirational opportunities I have ever had with the Principles.
Dean spent several days with me, allowing a space for me to connect with my own wisdom; I felt his commitment to believing in my health, and out of the time that I shared with him I was able to connect with all the answers I needed to move forward with my life.
All the challenges that ‘I thought’ existed passed, and a direction appeared from my own insights that have led me on a beautiful path, in line with my true self, beneath all the fear and worry that I was existing in.
I will be eternally grateful for all that I shared with Dean, he is a true consultant; respectful, genuine and just simply the best there is!!!! If anyone else has the opportunity to have this time with Dean then go for it, you will never look back!

Catherine Kennard
Professional Singer and Teacher