Facilitator Training

If your life is already amazing, it’s just about to get a whole lot better…

If you want to make shifts of considerable magnitude in your life; if you are looking to live in more joy, more happiness, and more contentment; looking to find a way of living your life with more balance and equanimity and help others to live this way, this is the training for you.

“There is no better life.”

These are the words Sydney Banks used to describe a life of sharing the principles, and he was right, there really is no better life to live. If you are feeling inspired, as I have been since 2004, and want to share the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought with the world, Facilitator Training was created just for you.

During my time as a facilitator in sharing this understanding, I have noticed a commonality in the kind of questions people ask. Often people want to know “how can we share this with others?” and “where do we start?” Both good questions, but folks also want to know “how do we deal with difficult clients and awkward questions?” and “what if we are not feeling good ourselves, or having a hard time in life” which are some of the most poignant questions we can ask and do require exploration.

During the six months we work together there will be ample time and opportunity to delve deep into the heart of things and explore the unknown in a meaningful way. Also, there will be time set aside to meet or skype/phone individually in order to address any issues that people may feel uncomfortable in discussing during group work.

What does the Training involve? 

The Three Principles Facilitator Training programme is totally unique in its insight-based approach to helping people develop a deepening capacity to share this understanding with a wide variety of audiences. This programme comprises:

  • Six two-day courses (dates and venues to be announced)
  • Skype/phone sessions between each course (to be arranged individually)
  • Email support

It is important to note that the structure of each two-day course will be tailored to suit the needs of the individuals involved. The training will be totally unique in this sense, as it will always be adapting and developing in order to offer the very best in Three Principles facilitation. No other training can offer such flexibility and adaptability to assist trainers in truly getting what they need from the course.

However, one theme that will dominate all proceedings during the training, and remain paramount throughout, will be the focus on the ‘health of the helper’. As Sydney Banks often suggested, you can only give away what you have inside, therefore it is essential that we continue to develop and deepen our own levels of well-being. The greatest gift we can offer our clients and the world is to be in the best space possible psychologically, and understanding where our own health comes from is the most certain way of offering this help to anyone we may work with.

Why train?

The Three Principles are the solution to all the world’s problems. This might seem like a bombastic statement but when we begin to see how we all create reality in the same way, the answer to all of humanities difficulties becomes more obviously apparent.

The one answer! Essentially there really is only one answer to all the problems that arise in the world, because all problems come from human thought.

If you have any further questions or you wish to discuss any aspect of the training please feel free to call us now, and we will do our utmost get you moving in the right direction as soon as possible.

Please phone: 0424 354 393

Alternatively, please use the Contact Us page, to request further information