Family Therapy

A Three Principles approach to family therapy is totally unique in that it focuses on understanding that just beneath the surface of any family conflict is a foundation of the health and well-being. Many of our domestic troubles arise out of the pressures of running a modern home and family life, and have very little to do with the loving relationships we share.

Yet innocently we confuse one with the other; we assume that because we are having difficulties at all is an indicator that things are not right in our relationships. This is further from the truth than you may imagine because when we are tired, hungry or running on low energy most of the time, our perspective on life and more importantly our relationships gets distorted.

When a family begins to see the healthy core of its well-being it naturally falls back into a more relaxed and light hearted approach to each other and stops seeing and experiencing the pressures of family life as measure for their relationships. In short, loved ones begin to enjoy family life more and don’t take each others low moods as seriously or so personally. It becomes possible for us to recognise that they are simply a reflection of the mental state of someone who is just a little bit off-beat, or not feeling so great in that moment and not a measure of the value or worth of that relationship.

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