The Matrix of Illusion II: Human Resilience

Neo: “What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?”

 Morpheus: “No, Neo. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t have to”.

From the movie The Matrix

What if I was to suggest that there is no such thing as a ‘negative person’, or a ‘positive person’, an ‘optimistic person’, or a ‘pessimistic person’, a ‘happy person’, or a ‘sad person’, an ‘anxious person’ or a ‘super confident person’. That they are all simply ways to describe a state of being, created via the Power of Thought in any given moment or situation, in any given person. We can never be only one particular kind of person; we are simply a being that has the capacity to think a multitude of thoughts creating any combination of follow-on feelings, making us in a way, an in-the-moment person. What we think becomes what we feel and who we are in that moment alone. Of course we may continue to run a mindset of cyclical thinking that gives the impression to us, and to the world, that we are fixed in some way, but this is not possible, we are constantly in a state transformation moving as we do from one thought to the next.

Following on from part one of this blog, I wanted to pick up a thread that briefly touched on the idea of the profound nature of our human resilience. One of the most insightful shifts that can happen for us when we first see how we are creating our own reality is that we become ‘bullet proof’ to other people’s thinking and their general demeanor. We wake up to the simple fact that nothing coming from the outside can ultimately hurt us, only when we give it consent to do so (putting aside of course physical violence).

How often do we hear people talk of situations where they encounter ‘negative energy’ or ‘negative people’. Interestingly there is no such thing as either, all energy is neutral, because it is simply energy; it cannot be infused with a flavour like a pot of tea (ironically of course, even the pot of tea is made of energy). Everything beyond the fact that energy is neutral is what we imagine with our personal thinking, the illusion we call reality. What we are witnessing in these circumstances are people in a low mood, made unhappy via the power of their own personal thinking about life. We interpret this as ‘negative energy’ in a way as if it has the independent ability to ‘infect’ us with its negativity and bring us down to a similar feeling. Thankfully, we begin to see that this is totally impossible.

What begins to become clearer to us, as we start to see how we create our own reality, and as we more deeply understand the relationship between thought and feeling, we notice the ever-changing nature of our thinking. One moment it can be flying high, the next falling low. From this beautiful realisation comes the freedom to see with new eyes, and to recognise how everyone else out there in the world, is doing the best they can with their personal in-the-moment-thinking too. We see through the illusion of what we previously believed to be negativity in others, to what it really is: simply a low mood born out of unhelpful cyclical thinking, or people simply taking life too seriously or too personally. Something that can, will, and does pass the instant we have a new thought creating a new reality.

Likewise with ‘negative people’, no one person has any more ‘negativity’ within them than any other person, for negativity in the world is simply ‘thought’ put into action, and we all have the same capacity to have all kinds of thoughts, including negative ones. It is just that some people have negative thoughts and then act on them. Most of us don’t, and I am sure you would corroborate to a feeling of eternal gratitude for this fact.  So called, ‘negative people’, just like us, have the capacity for goodness, they eat, sleep, fret, get sick, experience a full range of emotions and have the potential to enjoy beauty and experience anything that we all can. It is just that they have become so deeply lost in their personal thinking, and express this outwardly that they appear to be a ‘negative person’. 

When we truly see that life itself is neutral, and that everyone is doing the best they can given their in-the-moment-thinking, we simply cannot help but recognise with incredible lucidity and transparency, that so called ‘negative energy’ and ‘negative people’ are but individual states of suffering. What is interesting about this personal revelation is that our presence may actually be able to influence these situations and people as we continuously emit frequencies of beautiful neutrality everywhere we go. We find that most of the time, we no longer possess the restraints that our personal thinking used to place on us, when we imagined that there really were ‘negative people’ or that ‘negative energy’ could actually exist and more importantly, infect us.

In this newly reborn state of super human resilience, where we become ‘bullet proof’ to frailties and sometimes psychological aggression of human nature, we are once more set free from the bonds of the Matrix of Illusion. Knowing that it was us that innocently created this fantasy in the first place, we now no longer feel the need to dodge the bullets of ‘negativity’ for we truly see them for what they are, the anguish and emotional discomfort of others arisen out of their self created illusions.

Now move freely among the suffering of the world and know without doubt that you being you at your best, living in a beautiful state of neutrality, will do more to set people free from their illusory bonds of suffering than any technique could ever hope to dream of.

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