A Dream within a Dream

“Life is a dream suspended in the bounds of time space and matter”

Life as we know it is experienced through the senses. It is thought turned into action; it is a dream within a dream. When we open our eyes in this world of form and become seduced by its beauty, we innocently and momentarily close our minds to the spiritual source of life. It is not that we purposefully ignore it; we simply become distracted by life.

We forget the dreamtime Oneness that we came from, despite the fact that it ever remains a part of us. And because it remains part of us we feel it in those beautiful and magical moments of life, such as seeing a loved one as if for the first time. Witnessing the innocence of newborn child or young animal, being moved to tears by the majesty of nature. Each moment of deep awareness is a feeling reminder of our true origins. We may not understand it, but we can certainly feel it. It is this feeling that sets us free to live a better life.

When we speak in the world, we speak of the form within the form; this is all we can do. This is the dream of life; there is no escaping this, with the exception of seeing and hearing beyond the words of this world. Sydney Banks said many times that: the Truth does not lie in the world of form it exists before form, and is our birthright.

When we listen only with the form that we exist in, we miss it, yet if we listen beyond the words, that which is formless in us, our Pure Consciousness hears the Truth of itself and begins to wake up.

People often say that it is ‘hard’ to talk about the Principles, of course it is hard, in fact it is impossible. It is only possible to allude to them with stories and explain what has made sense to us so far. To share the peace we have found, the deeper sense of love and understanding for life, this is what will make the most difference to others.

All models, modes, techniques, concepts, ideas, formulas, philosophies, and religions make up the some of the many parts of the world of form. This is the way most of us see the world from our upbringing and our cultural conditioning. It is completely natural and seemingly inevitable for us to see life this way because it is all we know. Yet, to see what lies before form to our spiritual essence, we must look in the opposite direction beyond them and before them to get any sense of what is trying to be expressed through them.

Is it any wonder that we sometimes feel lost in our lives, because we are lost in the world of form from our formless spiritual nature right from the beginning? Hearing beyond the words, is hearing beyond the world of form to the source of all life; it is in fact a return home. The brief dream of form that which we call life, is simply a part of the whole, it is a separate reality dream, within the Divine Dream of the Universe, the Great Allness, the Great Oneness, the Great Nothingness; which are all words to describe, that in reality, there is no separation, only the separation we create in our own mind via the Power of Thought.

When we wake from the dream of life, we begin to see miracles taking place almost everywhere we go, and come to know as Socrates once suggested that: ‘Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.’

Time to live a beautiful life.

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