The Guiding Light of Wisdom

‘That which fills the gap between what we believe is time, and the living of our everyday lives is simply Thought’. D R-E

Have you ever caught yourself saying something to the effect of: “Wow, the day sure did go quickly today.” Or “Life seems to speed up the older I get”, and no doubt most of you will have heard the phrase: “Time flies when you’re having fun”. Of course, if that is true then the opposite would be true too, i.e., time can really seem to drag when you are doing something that you don’t really enjoy, and I am certain most of us have had that experience at some point in our lives.

Ironically, none of these are actually true because time is an illusion built on the foundations of an idea created within the mind of mankind. Times itself does nothing, because time doesn’t exist in the way we think it does. When we step outside of time, we begin to bathe in the beautiful neutrality of the guiding wisdom of the Universe.

What actually creates a sense of time is our own concept of it. It is not an external reality, but an internal illusion. That is why ‘time’ seems to do something. In our own personal reality, which is always made up of our moment-to-moment thinking, we manufacture a sense of time ‘passing’. Thus, when we are enjoying life, we lose our (thought created) grip on the concept and simply ‘live in the moment’. Which of course, is all there really is. Conversely, when we are finding life’s tasks laborious, we watch the clock, to see how much longer we must endure this thief of the precious moments of our lives.

What if we were to let go of all that, and simply live more outside the dimensions of what we ‘think’ is time. Seeing time for what it really is, nothing but Thought. What magic might come? What wisdom would arise? In every living moment, we are given the opportunity to let go into life. Whatever our circumstances currently are, or have been in the past, we can start over again. In fact we can do it right now. We can let go of everything that has come before and begin to luxuriate in the guiding light of our own wisdom.

The best part about all of this is that, wherever we are headed, we only need to know the next step on our personal journey. In other words, if we can get quiet even for a millisecond, and I mean truly quiet, then Wisdom finds a way in. And it appears as a genie from within the lamp of our consciousness; in this way we are constantly and gently guided by the light of pure consciousness from within. When things seem dark again, and we lose our way in the labyrinth of personal and habitual thinking patterns, it is not that the light has gone out, it is just that it has become temporarily shrouded.

Let your mind become still in this very moment of reading, knowing that we all posses the power within us to live the best life ever. And just as a tree’s buds open to new life in spring, so do our thoughts open to new possibilities, in every moment of our lives. It is time to claim your life back and live in the magic of your own reality. 

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